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HILLS Wins the 2024 Kingsley Excellence Award

We at HILLS Properties do everything we can, year after year, to fine-tune and perfect the multifamily living experience for the thousands of residents who call our communities home. HILLS understands that running properties isn’t like setting a watch and letting it run—the process requires diligence, awareness of market changes, updating homes to create additional […]

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Activities and Events in Oakwood, OH

A suburb of Dayton, Oakwood, OH, is one of the most attractive places to live. Existing at the crossroads of beauty and simplicity, Oakwood boasts a safe, community-savvy environment. HILLS Properties wants to show you the best of Oakwood and other Ohio attractions, so whether you’re looking to travel or call it your own, you […]

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Living Local: A Guide To Making the Most of Life in Florence, KY

Skirting along the edge of downtown Cincinnati, Florence, KY, is a town of modest size, inviting vibes, and big-hearted people. From the gusto of its local eateries to the quaint wonders of its local architecture, this area is rife with a local lifestyle that over 30,000 people are proud to call their own. If you’re […]

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Expand Your Living Space with Spacious Private Patios and Balconies

Extend your living space and embrace the outdoors with expansive private patios or balconies. This guide will help you discover how these outdoor havens can enhance your apartment experience, offering breathtaking views and a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Benefits of a Private Balcony or Patio You may be wondering […]

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Efficient Kitchen Organization Ideas

When you’re deciding how to organize the kitchen of your new place or you’re exploring new kitchen organization ideas to improve the flow when you’re cooking those delicious dinners, efficiency is important to keep in mind.  You may want a kitchen that looks nice, but functionality should come first on your priority list. An inefficient […]

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