Renter-Friendly Ways To Manage Your Cables

Elevate your space with organized cable management. Hide cables and cords with these tips and find the apartment of your dreams at a HILLS community today!
SW By Sara Woods on March 24, 2023

When you’re living in an apartment, sometimes every little decision you make can have a big impact on the feel of your living space. Tidy cable management can elevate your home’s appearance and reduce the risk of tripping, catching, or destruction from pets that like to chew. 

There are several ways to conceal cables throughout your home. With the right approach, you’ll have a sleek, tidy electronic setup. None of our suggested methods require you to drill into the wall, so you have several renter-friendly ways to hide cables and cords!

Run Cables Behind and Underneath Furniture

You don’t have to purchase anything if your apartment’s floor plan suits your electrical needs. Simply place your furniture against the wall near outlets and let the cords stay hidden behind and underneath the furniture. 

This may be the best answer when you’re trying to figure out how to hide TV wires. A TV stand or a shelving unit underneath a mounted TV allows you to stash TV cables behind the furniture. You can decorate on top to distract from the cable, if necessary.

Keep in mind, however, that you don’t want to bend any cords so harshly by scrunching them behind furniture, as this can lead to damage. Instead, you can buy outlet concealers that allow you to push your furniture flush against your wall without putting direct pressure on the cord. 

Use Adhesive Cord Clips

Cords that are littering your floor or hanging awkwardly can be guided using adhesive cord clips. Stick the clips to the wall, underneath furniture, around the corners of a desk or table, or wherever else you need them, and they’ll keep your cable in place. 

The adhesive backing of your clips shouldn’t be strong enough to peel the paint when removed, but still be able to hold most cables without falling off. This way, once it’s time for you to move out, they’ll pop right off and leave behind no damage.

Attach Under Desk Cable Management

Computer setups require you to have several different cords in a relatively small amount of space. They can easily become tangled and confusing. An under desk cable management tray can create a space to stash a power strip or run your cables in a more organized manner. 

These can also work to hide cables and cords in other parts of your apartment home. Attach one underneath your bedside table and add a power strip to increase the number of outlets for your devices needing nightly recharging. One could also go underneath your kitchen cabinets if you have too many appliances and not enough places to plug them in.

Need an Upgrade? Live in a HILLS Community

You deserve to live in a place you love. Pair our ideas for cable management in your apartment with a spectacular new home in a HILLS community, and you can have the perfect place to call your own. 

Always striving for luxury living, a HILLS community will bring you comfort, convenience, and style all in one. Spacious floor plans, top-quality amenities, and great locations are what you’ll find when you tour a HILLS community, with apartments located in some of your favorite cities in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. 

Schedule a visit at the HILLS community of your dreams today!

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