Creative Ways to Use Your Den

A den is an extra, usable space that’s not quite a bedroom but can still be used for a variety of purposes. We’ve got some ideas for what to do with yours!
SW By Sara Woods on October 31, 2022
A woman sitting in her apartment den with her laptop

When customizing your apartment into your home, a den can bring everything together. 

Sometimes as large as a bedroom, a den is an extra room in your apartment layout. With a bit of creativity and intentionality, it can be transformed into a space that fits your needs, hobbies or daily routine. Looking for ways to use your den at your HILLS apartment? We’ve got you.

How can a den benefit you? 

Oftentimes, a den is considered a rest and relaxation room. That said, it can serve a more centralized purpose with your day-to-day needs.

Consider the makeup of your apartment and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have a dedicated area to work?
  • Are my hobbies taking over other parts of my apartment? 
  • Do I have a place where I feel safe and comfortable to unwind during the day?

From there, you may find yourself wanting to dedicate part or all of you den to a specific purpose. While it can feel like uncharted territory, don’t worry—we’ve been there. In this blog, we’ve gathered some of our best interior decoration tips to help you create the perfect space. 

Additional Office Space

Whether you’re full-time working from home or just have a few daily tasks, it’s essential to have a dedicated area for you to be productive.

Start with a desk and comfortable office chair, then build from there to fit your schedule. You may want to add a computer, printer, charging strips, writing utensils, shelves or storage cabinets depending on the type of work you intend to complete. 

As you decorate, be sure to consider what visuals help you stay focused. You may want to invest in additional lighting, plants, or framed photos of friends and family to make the space feel happier, brighter, and more productive.

Family or Personal Command Center

Coordinating personal documents and records alone can take up a lot of space. Rather than having an eyesore somewhere else in your home, you can utilize a den for purposeful storage and organization of these items—and whatever other miscellaneous items plague your organization. 

A command center could incorporate the following:

  • Personal or family calendar
  • General craft supplies storage
  • Safekeeping of personal records
  • Organized stationary, gift wrap, etc.
  • Grocery list and to-do tracking

Then, add a desk or some seating, and give yourself the perfect spot to take care business near all the things you could need to complete it. 

Reading Nook

A man reading with his cat

There’s nothing like the perfect spot to lose yourself in a book. Whether you’re a casual reader or a full-blown bookworm, creating a reading nook can be the best investment in yourself. 

With a den, you can create your own reader’s paradise. Lead with a few bookshelves for your favorites, cozy seating, and soft lighting to set yourself up for success. Follow with things that will make it best for you—art inspired by some of your favorite stories, real or fake plants, or a charging station for e-readers. 

For an added umph of peace and quiet, invest in a white noise machine to block out any noise from the rest your apartment. Then, lose yourself in a book. 

Hobby Room

Hobbies are such a fun vital part of work-life balance, but they can quickly take over an apartment if not given purposeful organization. Whatever your hobby is, your den might be the perfect place to take it to next level.

Consider adding the following to your hobby room:

  • Proper organization for supplies
  • Dedicated desk/table as a workspace
  • Storage for completed projects
  • Charging station for devices
  • Comfortable seating arrangements
  • Specialized lighting

Finally, top the space off by including some of your favorite snacks and drinks or a speaker for music in a corner. 

Play Room

A small child playing with a stuffed animal

Kids tend to take over, especially when they’re sharing spaces with adults. Prevent dolls and robots from creeping up all over your apartment by converting your den into a playroom. 

Not only is a playroom a perfect place for toy boxes and play sets, but a dedicated kid’s room helps promote independent play. With their own safe area, kids can explore, create, and take ownership of their messes. You can even bring them into the process of decoration, picking out pint-sized seating, posters with their favorite storybook characters, or even a few new toys. 

Plus, you might find a bit more quiet in the other parts of your apartment, which is just as important. 

At-Home Gym

If physically going to the gym is more of a mental barrier, try bringing the gym to your home! With your own gym, you’ll be able to work out whenever works best for your schedule and never have to wait for your favorite machine to open up. 

A spin bike, free weights or yoga mat are just a few options quick and affordable at-home gym. If you prefer workout classes, virtual subscriptions can be broadcasted on a den TV. Plus, you’ll be able to shower in your own space right after getting up a good sweat.  

What’s Next for Your Den?

There are many things you can do with a den, but only one place where it’ll feel like home — discover exceptional apartment living with HILLS Properties. Find a beautiful apartment that fits exceeds your expectations in one of our many apartment locations in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. We have apartments with dens for that little extra space that makes an apartment into a home.

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