What Can You Do With a Spare Room? Make It Multipurpose

Learn the power of a good room design and how you can transform a spare bedroom into a multipurpose space with the help of these inspirational tips.
KK By Katie Kane on December 23, 2022
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Having room to spare in your home is an exciting opportunity! What might feel like an empty space right now is actually four walls of pure potential. But when the pressure is on to decide what you’ll fill it with, just know that you don’t have to settle on only one idea.

Instead, consider the idea of turning your space into a multipurpose room. Combine a guest room with a personal office, a creative studio with a gaming room, a home theater with an entertainment space, or whatever your heart desires. After all, this is your space, and it’s up to you to make it fit your unique lifestyle.

Making Better Use of a Guest Room

You never know when the occasional guest may stop by with the intention of staying in your guest room, but often, when not in use, your guest bed can turn into a catchall. A room without an everyday useful purpose can feel like wasted space.

There are so many other ways that you can utilize a spare room. Whether you’ve recently had a roommate move out, your new home is a bit larger than you’d initially planned to rent or buy, or you’re simply ready to finally use every room in your floor plan, we have a few ideas to get you inspired. 

However, we’re not interested in telling you to make the space into one thing or another. At HILLS Properties, we know your life is flexible and always changing. Why not create a flexible space to match? 

Having a multipurpose room in your home enables you to turn a single space into two or more unique experiences. With the right furniture, décor, design, and imagination, that spare room will soon be ticking every box on your list.

What Is a Multipurpose Room?

A multipurpose room, also called a multifunctional room, is a space devoted to more than one function. 

In the context of your home, a spare bedroom is arguably one of the best spaces for a multipurpose room because unlike a kitchen, bathroom, or living room design, a bedroom usually doesn’t have any specific appliances or designated function. It also has plenty of privacy. The open, flexible bedroom layout is your blank canvas.

A grey multipurpose room with a desk and a couch

How To Create a Multipurpose Room

The idea of stuffing multiple functions into one extra bedroom might seem like a recipe for a messy, cluttered disaster. However, with the right furniture, mindset, and organization, your spare room will be your favorite spot in the house, curated precisely to your very own tastes, hobbies, and interests.

Step One: Decisions, Decisions

Of course, the first step to creating a multipurpose room is deciding what those multiple purposes could be. If you’re unsure how to narrow down your options, we recommend starting with two things: your budget and your interests.

The costs of furnishing a room vary, but setting aside a budget for the project can help you draft a priority list. Determine for yourself how much you’re willing to spend on furnishing a multipurpose room, where you can reduce expenses, and what you already own that can be added to your new space.

Once you’ve figured out an appropriate budget, narrow down the options for what will go into your room. Here are a few ideas for what you might want to have in your multipurpose room:

  • Weights
  • Art supplies
  • Reading nook
  • A Gaming setup
  • Home office
  • Entertainment space
  • Vanity 

Step Two: Choosing the Right Furniture

You want to select furniture that is space-conscious and flexible. Purchasing a desk that has built-in shelves and drawers instantly multiplies the amount of space you have to place your belongings and can be used for everything from a workspace to a drawing desk to a gamer’s corner.

A cube storage shelf can be filled with colorful cubbies or baskets to match your personal aesthetic, and you can use other spaces to display decorative items. These types of shelves also come in different sizes and colors, capable of perfectly matching any room. 

Sofa beds are great for those who want space to entertain friends, watch movies, or curl up with a good book while still having room for a guest to stay the night.

Step Three: Divide and Conquer To Maximize Your Space

If you prefer keeping your interests visually separate or need to stash an exercise bike out of the background during a companywide Zoom meeting, a room divider is an elegant way to split your space. They’re lightweight, foldable, and easy to store in a closet or lean against the wall, all while providing a source of privacy where needed.

Furthermore, there are a few tricks to room design that can take your multipurpose space from good to better:

  1. Keep foot traffic in mind and don’t block key paths. 
  2. Use furniture that is appropriately sized for the amount of space you have.
  3. Don’t overcrowd a room while trying to make it multipurpose.
  4. Not all furniture has to stay pushed against the wall. Instead, use it to create zones.
  5. A bright space will feel more open than a dark one, so select adequate lighting.

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