Your Guide to Apartment Package Delivery

So you’ve finally moved into your brand-new apartment and you’re ready to begin the process of filling up your home with photos, decorations, and other furniture items. But you’re tired and don’t necessarily feel like spending an entire afternoon in the maze that is IKEA. With so many things available online, it’s easy to find […]
KK By Katie Kane on March 7, 2023

So you’ve finally moved into your brand-new apartment and you’re ready to begin the process of filling up your home with photos, decorations, and other furniture items. But you’re tired and don’t necessarily feel like spending an entire afternoon in the maze that is IKEA. With so many things available online, it’s easy to find everything you need and have it delivered right to your apartment. However, this may have you wondering how exactly deliveries are handled in apartments. 

“Can packages be delivered right to my door?” 

“What happens if it’s too big to fit in my mailbox?”

Luckily, HILLS Properties has the answers to all your questions when it comes to apartment package delivery. We are here to guide you through what to do when your package is too large for your apartment mailbox, how different carriers deliver your packages, and what your other options are when it comes to package delivery. When you need package delivery options at your apartment, join a local HILLS Properties community today!

Can I Get Packages Delivered Directly to My Apartment?

You can definitely have packages delivered straight to your apartment if that is your preferred method. However, there are some things to be aware of if you choose this method. First, you will want to ensure the address you are entering is correct and detailed. Do not leave off your apartment number as you risk having your belongings delivered to another address. Second, if you are unable to be at your apartment at the time of delivery, make sure you feel comfortable leaving your package unattended at your front door or have a neighbor or friend grab it for you. 

The other thing you will need to pay attention to is the delivery method of the carriers you are using for each delivery. UPS and FedEx will both try to deliver packages to your front door if possible. However, many times they will require a signature of some sort, so you will need to be at home when the package is delivered. This works really well if you work from home, but not so well if you don’t —and this is also something to consider if your community has keyed access building doors, as delivery services may be unable to access your hallway.

While you can provide specific delivery instructions or even an e-signature for the package, this may not always be available, or you may just forget to do so. When this happens, certain carriers may try again the following day or will take your package to a secondary pickup location. If this happens, make sure to call as soon as possible to find out where your package is being held to avoid it being sent back. 

What Happens if My Package Is Too Large for My Apartment Mailbox?

Your apartment mailbox is really only meant to hold paper mail such as bills, letters, cards, and small packages. When you order something that is too big to fit in that mailbox, there are several other places carriers can take your package. One option is to leave it in something called a parcel locker. Apartment communities may provide this as a way to accommodate the growing number of packages sent on-site. 

These lockers are shared mailboxes that are larger in size to hold big packages. Generally, you will receive a key or a code to access your items and then you can pick them up from there. This is an easy way for your packages to still be delivered without your leasing office becoming inundated with packages. It’s important, however, to pick up your packages in a timely manner as there are only so many parcel lockers available in each apartment community. 

Can My Leasing Office Accept Packages on My Behalf?

In short, yes. Leasing offices can accept packages on your behalf if they choose to do so. However, some leasing offices may choose not to accept packages in their main office for a number of reasons. Some offices are simply not big enough to hold the amount of packages that are delivered.

Either way, you need to make sure you are checking with your HILLS leasing office before you send a package to them. And if they do accept packages, make sure you are prompt in retrieving them to relieve the burden from the main office personnel. 

What Are My Other Options for Package Delivery?

While having your packages delivered right to your door or even to your leasing office is the most convenient option, there are still other ways to retrieve your packages if those options are unavailable or don’t work for you. Both UPS and Amazon offer off-site pickup options that are the perfect solution when you are unable to have your items delivered directly to you.

UPS Access Point

A UPS Access Point is another place where packages can be delivered other than your apartment or leasing office. These are third-party stores or businesses with a drop-off or pickup point for UPS inside of the building. This method requires the customer to go into the store to either a clerk or storage locker to access their items.

UPS Access Points are a great option specifically for individuals who receive several packages in a week or those who run a small business out of their home. Be wary of this option, however, as these packages may be sent back if not picked up within a certain time frame.

Amazon Hub Locker

An Amazon Hub Locker is the same basic concept as a UPS Access Point in that it offers a secondary location to retrieve your packages at a time that suits you. With this method, you can have your package delivered to a hub locker location rather than your home address. Once your package has arrived at the locker, Amazon will send you a confirmation email with instructions on how to access the locker. You will then have three days to pick up your items before they are sent back. 

Again, this is another great option if you are unsure about leaving your items on your doorstep when you aren’t home or receive lots of packages and don’t want to annoy your leasing office. Check out Amazon’s website for more information on how you can start getting your packages delivered to a hub locker.

Experience Packaging at Your Local HILLS Property Today

Even though you have plenty of options when it comes to apartment package delivery, it’s always helpful to live in an apartment community that offers packaging options. At HILLS Properties, we offer packaging at all our locations to help you enjoy peace of mind whenever you need to have a package delivered to you. Visit your nearest HILLS property to begin enjoying packaging options along with a gorgeous community and other top-of-the-line amenities.

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