How To Keep Your Apartment Warm and Utility Bill Low This Winter

While colder temperatures mean holiday fun with your family and friends, the winter season also ushers in inflated energy and gas bills for renters and homeowners across the country. When you live in an apartment, you can’t directly access your furnace system or make major renovations, but there are still some strategies available for lowering […]
ML By Matt LaMar on December 6, 2023
A homeowner adjusts the thermostat to 70 degrees to save on energy bills.

While colder temperatures mean holiday fun with your family and friends, the winter season also ushers in inflated energy and gas bills for renters and homeowners across the country. When you live in an apartment, you can’t directly access your furnace system or make major renovations, but there are still some strategies available for lowering your utility bills this winter.

If you’re an apartment dweller looking for tips on how to save money on energy, try out some of the following tips suggested by the apartment living experts at HILLS Properties.

8 Tips for Lowering Your Heating Bill in an Apartment

1. Set your thermostat strategically.

Although you may not be able to access your furnace filters when you live in an apartment, there are things you can control when it comes to winter home heating. HILLS properties will change your filter quarterly, which can help make sure your system is running efficiently. By adjusting your heater or turning down the temperature on your thermostat periodically, you can save energy and lower your bill. While it might be tempting to turn off your heat from time to time, we recommend keeping it on. Turning off the heat can result in freeze damage to your pipes. [SW1] 

The U.S. Department of Energy suggests keeping your home at 68 degrees during the day and turning down the temperature significantly while you sleep. Worried about staying warm while you sleep? Try investing in thick fleece blankets or heated blankets and closing your door to keep the heat in your room.

2. Use the sun.

A free way to warm up your apartment is by letting in bright sunlight. Take advantage of the heat of the sun by opening the curtains and blinds on your eastern- or western-facing windows. Even if you open your curtains and blinds, make sure the windows themselves remain closed and latched.

3. Invest in good curtains.

Thick black curtains cover a sliding door, keeping cold air and light out.

When you can’t let in the sun to give your apartment some extra heat, use thick curtains to keep cold air out. A good set of thermal curtains can be an excellent option for insulating your home on a budget. Thermal curtains feature extra layers of fabric to trap cold air. These curtains also block out outside light, which can lead to better sleep.

4. Try a space heater or heat lamp.

If it feels like you need a little extra heat but you don’t want to turn up your thermostat, a space heater can be a good option, especially if you’re working from home at a desk or sitting in the same spot for a while. Be sure to use space heaters and heat lamps responsibly by ensuring they are clear of obstructions and turning them off when you’re done using them.

5. Bundle up.

A person gets cozy while wearing fuzzy socks next to a dog snuggled under a blanket.

When you feel inclined to turn up your thermostat, try bundling up a bit first. Fleece shirts and pants paired with warm slippers or fuzzy socks can help you stay warm without using more energy. Be careful not to go too low, though, as a general rule of thumb is to keep your apartment at 55° F at the lowest to prevent pipes from freezing.

6. Double-check that all vents and heaters are clear.

Your vents or other heating apparatuses can’t do their jobs if they’re covered or obstructed, so go through and double-check that you haven’t accidentally blocked them with clothing or other items. This is undoubtedly one of the easiest steps you can take toward better energy efficiency.

7. Try a draft stopper.

Cold air can seep into your apartment through your door crack, which can be prevented by installing a draft stopper under the door. Many of these draft stoppers can be safely attached and removed from your door, or you can opt for one that simply sits on the floor when you don’t plan on leaving your apartment for a while.

8. Look into electricity monitoring apps.

While not every electric company offers an app or website for tracking usage, many do, so check with your provider. These apps will often tell you how much energy you’ve used and whether that’s higher or lower based on your past usage. Sometimes, your energy provider’s app or website can even tell you your projected bill for the month.

Get Cozy in a HILLS Apartment

If you live in an outdated apartment, staying warm can be extra challenging. Older heating systems are often less effective and less efficient, so you’ll be colder while spending more on utilities compared to newer systems. When you choose a HILLS apartment, you’ll enjoy modern fixtures and amenities that will make it easier for you to stay warm without spending a fortune. Plus, many of our luxury apartment communities include cozy community amenities like fireplaces, great for warming up during chilly weather. Browse our upscale apartment communities today and find your next home.

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